Solid Wooden Flooring in T&G and Maxi plank is also produced at Pringle Sawmills. 

Pringle Sawmills supplies the following solid wood flooring: Teak, Saligna, Chamfuta, African Mahogany,

Panga Panga,  Cypriss, Jacaranda, Rosewood, Ash, Kiaat All Brown, Kiaat Brown & White.

Engineered flooring has become a focus at Pringle Sawmills due to the green/eco nature of Engineered

flooring.    Engineered flooring is solid wooden flooring  (5mm top face) engineered (glued) onto

multiply board making the product extremely strong and stable especially in the Durban climate.  Please

click on Engineered pricing of flooring.

Wooden Flooring 

1, Solid Engineered Flooring

2. Solid Wooden Flooring 

    a) Saligna T&G 20X90 

    b) Teak : 


3. Parquet

  • Mixed Reds 
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