Pringle Sawmills is a 3rd generation family business that began in 1934 by Jimmy Pringle (the current owner is grandson Richard Pringle.   Pringle Sawmills is today the home and manufactures of the following products:

Solid and Engineered Wooden Flooring
Laminated Beams
Timber Decking
Hardwood & Softwood
Railway sleepers & Cutting           
The Pringle Sawmills legacy began in 1934, when Jimmy Pringle and Major Ratley bought land in

Kwanbo Nambi, Zululand after the 1st  World War.  Jimmy travelled to Australia and brought back the

Saligna seeds and planted the Saligna trees in the late 1934.


The Waterton Mill was set up initially to supply mining packs to the gold mines and later began producing

sawn boards.  In the late 1950’s , Jimmy with the help of his son Douglas Pringle installed the first

clipping plant  to deal with the off cuts.   This was the start of the Pulp/Paper Industry.


In 1975, Douglas Pringle commissioned a new Sawmilling plant at Maviya, where planks were

supplied to the furniture industry, amongst his customers were Grafton Everest  and many well known

furniture manufacture’s at the time.  All the marketing was done by members of SATFOR Sales

namely Ian Fuller, Nick Lourens, Chris Taylor.  It was at this time that companies like

“Ian Fuller Agencies” IFA , Nick Lourens agencies” NLA, Steward Taylor 1st cut their teeth in the

timber industry.


In 1985, Doug Pringle relocated to Alverstone, Durban, when Mondi, Sappi and Shell began taking over

the timber industry for  Pulp and Paper.

Douglas Pringle began milling Hardwoods namely Blackwood initially and then Kiaat, African

Mahogany, Chamfuta and many other African hardwoods from Mozambique and Zambia.


Richard Pringle joined his father Doug Pringle in 1992 and is now the current owner of Pringle Sawmills

with Douglas continuing to provide his vast knowledge into the operation


Current Day “Pringle Sawmills” has 5 Portable infield sawmills that cuts local hardwoods like

Saligna, Jacaranda, Oak, Cypriss, SA Pine.    The hardwoods from the milling operation are then kiln dried 

at Pringle Sawmills.  The products are sold into the flooring, construction and furniture industries.


Solid Wooden Flooring in T&G and Maxi plank is also produced at Pringle Sawmills.  Pringle

Sawmills supplies the following solid wood flooring: Teak, Saligna, Chamfuta, African Mahogany,

Panga Panga,  Cypriss, Jacaranda, Rosewood, Ash, Kiaat All Brown, Kiaat Brown & White.


Engineered flooring has become a focus at Pringle Sawmills due to the green/eco nature of Engineered

flooring.    Engineered flooring is solid wooden flooring  (5mm top face) engineered (glued) onto

multiply board making the product extremely strong and stable especially in the Durban climate.  Please

click on Engineered pricing of flooring.


Hardwood lumber is supplied by Pringle Sawmills namely African hardwoods:  Kiaat, Teak,

African Mahogany, Chamfuta, Blackwood, Rosewood, Saligna, Silky Oak, Jacaranda and Cypriss.

Pringle Sawmills also supply some Asian , American and Brazilian lumber, namely Ash, Beech, Maple,

Oregon, Meranti, Balua, Grappa, Massenduba.

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